Thursday, October 25, 2012


We have been very excited about our updated website! We put a lot of creative thought into our approach. Heather and I researched for months creating new ideas and verbiage, as well as pulling different elements we liked from other websites. We wanted to show our clients two sides of our everyday work experience. In order to do so, it was no question to enlist writer Jenny Badman. After a few interviews Jenny quickly put our actions into words.

In the "ABOUT US" segment of the website we wanted to show you the many layers that make up who we are, what we do, and why we do it... "More than a collection of people assembled in one place, a gathering is a celebration of the things that matter most - and it's for that reason this is our art and passion. Our palette is people, flowers, fabrics, fine fare and drink, treasures gathered on our travels, art, architecture, lighting, and life, our purpose is simple: creative spaces and celebrations that bring our client's vision to life - visually, emotionally, and beautifully."

As event planners and designers, so much of what we do is done prior to the actual event and afterwards. The segments "WHAT YOU SEE" and "WHAT YOU DONT" were established to show both sides.

Who is Gathering Floral + Event Design? Who is Barrie Newman?

The most exciting part about the website update was the opportunity to include some of our most recent events! We are currently gathering photos for the Decor gallery... however, the wedding and event galleries are up and running. Check them out! Also, don't miss the videos from Wine + Food Festival and Charleston Fashion Week.

After you scroll through our galleries don't miss our press sections - printed and online - for the latest & greatest buzz!

A sneak peek of "Southern Bouquets" by Melissa Bigner and floral design by Heather Barrie is included.

We are loving our new blog. We wanted to create a place that was in keeping with the website but a little different. The categories are our favorite! Keep in touch for up-to-date posts.

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  1. Yay!!!! Congratulations on a beautiful new website!